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August-September 2016 Newsletter

Well its been a busy couple of months.  Finally, time for the newsletter.

Jane and I just want to thank everyone that helped us with our fundraiser in August.  We couldn’t do these events without all of you.   You make it possible for us.  

Well the Prince Edward Hospital Foundation received approximately $4800 from the Shindig.  It was a busy day and the weather was wonderful.  We are hoping that the vendors that participated will participate again.  Thank you again to all of the contributors to the silent auction.  There were lots of goodies – art work, housewares etc.  There was something for everyone.  Thank you to Chef Devan for the wonderful demonstration, the incredible samples and cutting up all of the onions and mushrooms for the hamburgers – holy crow was he quick.  All of the musicians were amazing.  They made the day go so fast.  

Finally the volunteers – we can’t thank you enough.  Without all of your help we would never be able to do events like this.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  It seems inadequate, but we don’t know what else to say.  

This past week end Don Meneilley, Colin Dall, Ian Meneilley, Ken VanDusen and Ed Boyd all helped to do the slab wood for the evaporator for next season.  Thank you all.  Its done and we are ready to go when it comes to the wood situation.  This is all cut and neatly stacked.  Thanks to Patty Meneilley for all of the help in the kitchen.  Keeping the guys fed and hydrated is a big help.

The store is well stocked.  We have chili sauce and beets done and on the shelves.  There is sugar candy and maple sugar.  We are open by appointment or by chance.  If you need something please call us at 613-965-6381.  We are in Belleville and Trenton area daily so we would be happy to deliver whatever you need.  Gift baskets are available upon request.  They are made at the time of your request for any dollar value.  We are now carrying a beautiful jewellery line for one of friends; the bracelets and earrings are stunning.

We are thinking about having a coffee and goodie afternoon December 3rd.  Who would be interested in something like that?  Please email and let us know what you think.

We are participating at Savour in October at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Trenton.  Looking forward to this event.  We will be serving maple tarts and dip with tostitos.  Thinking about a third choice – can’t really decide.  Any suggestions?  Let us know.


Maple Sauce

1/2 cup water   1/2 cup walnut pieces and 2 cups maple sugar

Add the water to the maple sugar and boil until it reaches the thread stage (230 – 234 degrees farenheit).  Add the walnut pieces.  Remove from heat.  This can be used hot or cold.  It is good with ice cream or custard.

Maple Cream Filling

2 cups maple syrup     1 teaspoon butter    3/4 cup milk     salt

Cook syrup, milk, butter and pinch of salt together to the soft ball stage (238 degrees farenheit).  Cool and beat until creamy.  Use as a filling for cake, cream-puffs or tarts.  

If you have a favourite maple recipe please send it to me so that I can share it.

Please email us if you would like to be taken off of our mailing list.

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